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Dental clinic setup may make medical malpractice more likely

Missouri residents likely have expectations for the care and service they will receive when they go to any type of doctor, including the dentist. This is also the case when taking children to the doctor. When doctors violate the trust that parents place in them when caring for children, it can have tragic consequences. Recently, a family filed a lawsuit against Kool Smiles dental clinic alleging medical malpractice and other mistakes that ultimately led to the death of their young son.

Medical Malpractice: What You Should Know

When you are battling an illness or injury, you should be able to rely on your doctor to provide you with the proper care you need. However, there are thousands of cases of medical malpractice every year due to doctors' being negligent and not giving you the solution you need. Patients then can face detrimental consequences that can prohibit them from living their normal lives.

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