Motor vehicle accidents involving Teslas lead to investigation

National safety regulators will be looking at Tesla vehicles and investigating the safety of these specific types of cars after two separate fatal crashes. These two motor vehicles accidents have sparked questions about the company and whether there is widespread issue among the brand's vehicles that could pose the risk for additional motor vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities. These are popular, expensive vehicles sold in Missouri and across the country. 

One of these accidents occurred after a driver crashed his vehicle into a tree. Investigators believe that the accident was the result of excessive speed. The safety concerns come from the fact that the retractable doors would not work after the crash, and the airbags prevented people from getting the driver out of the burning vehicle. A second accident occurred when a Tesla driver collided with a semitrailer, losing the roof of the vehicle yet still traveling for a quarter of a mile before stopping.

There are currently many questions over the effectiveness of safety systems, especially as it is the dawn of the age of auto-piloted vehicles. Tesla vehicles are supposed to have advanced safety measures in place, yet both of these accidents pose questions over how well those systems work. Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are looking into these incidents.

Tesla drivers assume the vehicles they purchased have some of the most advanced safety features available on the market. When these systems fail, however, they can place innocent drivers and passengers at risk for injury or death. If the auto manufacturer is the reason for motor vehicle accidents or a person's injuries in Missouri, it could be grounds for a personal injury claim in the state's civil justice system.

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