Education key to dealing with collection agency harassment

Debt is a burden that many Missouri residents deal with on a daily basis. While keeping on top of, and eliminating, debt is the ideal, this may not be possible for some individuals. In this case, education is key to ensuring that the individual does not become the victim of collection agency harassment.

Debt collectors do have the right to attempt to collect debts, and they can even sue for payment. However, there are certain guidelines that they must follow. For instance, debt collectors can only call between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. within the debtor's time zone. Additionally, if the individual informs the collector that he or she is not allowed to receive such calls at work, then the collector is prohibited from attempting further calls to the individual's place of employment.

Debt collectors may also contact friends or family in an effort to obtain the debtor's contact information. However, they are prohibited from contacting them for any other reason. Additionally, they may not harass the debtor or others who may be able to provide contact information.

Legitimate debt collectors generally honor applicable laws; unfortunately, there are those who attempt to collect by any means. The educated Missouri resident will know that these collectors may not threaten wage garnishment or property seizure unless they are legally able and willing to take such action. Additionally, collectors may not pose as law enforcement officers or threaten to have the debtor arrested. Individuals confronted with the possibility of collection agency harassment can benefit by working with experienced legal counsel to ensure that their rights are protected.

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