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How to handle collection agency harassment

Sometimes it just seems as if there is not enough money to go around. The mortgage, utilities, car note, credit cards, medical bills and other monthly expenses need to be paid; however, the amount of money coming in is less than the amount that needs to go out. Sometimes as life happens the Missouri resident is unable to pay all of his or her bills. In addition to the stress associated with this situation, it is possible that collection agency harassment may become an issue.

Motor vehicle accidents can claim lives

Every day, Missouri residents get in their cars and drive to work, school, the store and various other locations. Prior to these excursions, the individual usually does a quick to check to make sure that there is enough gas in the tank and that everything appears to be safe. The seat belt is fastened and the journey begins. Even though this preparation only takes a moment, it is necessary in order to protect the individual in case of motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, these safeguards are not always enough.

Does your baby have cerebral palsy?

When you first became pregnant, you were probably overwhelmed with visions of your child's future and the happy moment you would be handed your baby. Unfortunately, complications can occur during birth due to medical malpractice, and they can leave families with devastating impacts.

Should you sue for a dog bite?

When a dog bites you out of the blue, it can be traumatic. Many people forget the dogs are not always man’s best friend, and unfortunately, these bites often cause injury and lead to nasty infections.

Why did I get a collection notice for a discharged debt?

Bankruptcy is a tool that can be used to help people get back on their feet financially. For individuals, filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can discharge certain debts and give someone the chance to rebuild his or her income and credit. It is not an easy step to take and can require years of repair before you are again in good standing with creditors and banks.

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