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Motor vehicle accidents change lives

Life often changes without warning. One moment, the Missouri resident is working hard and the next minute, he takes his last breath. Sometimes, these sudden changes are brought on by something related to the individual and his personal well-being; other times, another individual is at fault. All too often, motor vehicle accidents are to blame.

Recently, a tow truck driver was called to assist a motorist whose vehicle was stopped on the side of the interstate. As a part of his job, he had to get out of his truck in order to take care of the other driver and his vehicle. This was most likely a routine task that he had performed hundreds of times without incident. Unfortunately, this was not the case this time, and he died at the scene of the accident.

Wrongful death suit settled for undisclosed amount

Families often enjoy getting away and spending time together. Sometimes this involves a weekend get-away; other times, this involves an extended vacation. In either case, the Missouri family may decide to take a tour or participate in some other venture designed to appeal to vacationers. The expectation is that the family will enjoy their time together rather than fall victim to a wrongful death incident.

Companies that provide tours, excursions and other opportunities for vacationers are expected to operate in a safe manner. The individuals and families taking advantage of these opportunities expect that safety precautions will be taken and that each member of the team will be properly trained. Additionally, they anticipate that the tour or excursion provider will follow the rules and regulations associated with the business.

How to handle collection agency harassment

Sometimes it just seems as if there is not enough money to go around. The mortgage, utilities, car note, credit cards, medical bills and other monthly expenses need to be paid; however, the amount of money coming in is less than the amount that needs to go out. Sometimes as life happens the Missouri resident is unable to pay all of his or her bills. In addition to the stress associated with this situation, it is possible that collection agency harassment may become an issue.

When an individual is unable to pay his or her debts, these debts may be turned over to a collection agency. This collection agency will then attempt to make contact and arrange for the debts to be paid. In doing so, collection agencies have specific guidelines and regulations that they must abide by.

Motor vehicle accidents can claim lives

Every day, Missouri residents get in their cars and drive to work, school, the store and various other locations. Prior to these excursions, the individual usually does a quick to check to make sure that there is enough gas in the tank and that everything appears to be safe. The seat belt is fastened and the journey begins. Even though this preparation only takes a moment, it is necessary in order to protect the individual in case of motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, these safeguards are not always enough.

Recently, one Missouri man left home and almost certainly had every intention of returning home after completing the stops he needed to make. However, this never happened. Rather than returning home, he was involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident. The safety preparations he most likely made prior to leaving home were futile.

Does your baby have cerebral palsy?

When you first became pregnant, you were probably overwhelmed with visions of your child's future and the happy moment you would be handed your baby. Unfortunately, complications can occur during birth due to medical malpractice, and they can leave families with devastating impacts.

Even if your baby didn't appear to be injured during birth, issues can arise later on. One of the most common is cerebral palsy - a lifelong disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture. Cerebral palsy is caused by damage that occurs to the immature, developing brain.

Should you sue for a dog bite?

When a dog bites you out of the blue, it can be traumatic. Many people forget the dogs are not always man’s best friend, and unfortunately, these bites often cause injury and lead to nasty infections.

According to recent dog bite statistics, there are 4.5 million bites per year, and one out of five of these bites become infected. How do you know if you should sue if a dog bites you?

When debt collectors lie

Dealing with debt collectors is hard enough under the best of circumstances. It can be made an even more difficult and frustrating experience when collection agencies lie to you.

Federal law has provisions aimed at protecting consumers from dishonest behavior by collection agencies. For example, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act generally bans debt collectors from using false, misleading or deceptive statements in collection efforts.

Why did I get a collection notice for a discharged debt?

Bankruptcy is a tool that can be used to help people get back on their feet financially. For individuals, filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can discharge certain debts and give someone the chance to rebuild his or her income and credit. It is not an easy step to take and can require years of repair before you are again in good standing with creditors and banks.

After all is said and done, you know what debts are completed and what you still need to pay off. You have everything planned and your financial future is looking up. However, there may be a chance you continue receiving collection notices from collection agencies.

Accidents at School: Who is Liable?

While accidents on school grounds are inevitable, parents want to know that their children are safe and secure when sending them to school. According to the law, administrators and teachers must do all that they can reasonably do to decrease the possibility of accidents and injuries. When a child is injured at daycare or school, the first things most parents want to know are: Who is responsible? And Who is going to pay for any medical bills? Answering these questions requires a complete understanding of legal negligence that not only applies to school administrators and teachers, but also to your child.

7 Boating Safety Tips

Beating the heat in the summer is so simple if you just add water. From speed boats to pontoons to jet skis and beyond, the cool spray of water colliding with a gust of wind is far more refreshing than spending the day in the air conditioning. Regardless if you like to spend your time on the water catching rays or waves, there is no shortage of activities that anyone can enjoy. For those who want to relax, sunbathing on the deck is the way to go. If you're looking for a little more excitement, skiing and tubing are much more thrilling. It is, however, critical to remember that boating accounts for thousands of injuries and deaths each year. To ensure you, your friends and your family have fun and stay safe, we suggest following these seven boating safety tips.

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