We Do Not Pull Punches In Wrongful Death Claims

It is hard to lose someone to negligence, knowing things should have gone differently. There is no way to change the past, but you can get the compensation you deserve to move forward. If you feel like you do not have the fight to make it through this tough moment, you do not need it.

Ask any law firm in Missouri that has had to go against us: The Eason Law Firm has all the fight anyone needs.

We Move Fast

When you lose someone, you feel helpless. We talk to you as soon as possible. We learn your story. We get ready for war.

We Answer Your Questions

You have questions about what litigation will look like and what you need to do. Attorney James Eason answers your questions, and offers you all the compassion and dignity you deserve, because he knows you may be having a tough time getting any kind of respect from the insurance companies.

We Make The Case

There are simple legal mechanisms behind every wrongful death claim. We can educate you on them, and we can move forward with a filing. When you have been wronged like this, you deserve a lawyer who will go to war for you.

We Do Not Back Down

Ultimately you will be facing a lawyer defending an insurance company or other large corporation. They may have lots of power and backing, and they will try to intimidate you. We will hit back hard. No one tries to push you around while we are your representation.

We Go The Distance

We will stick with your case as long as we need to for the best possible results. Nobody has ever gotten anything by playing nice, and that is not what we do. We will fight as hard as you need for as long as you need.

Your Priorities Fuel The Fight

Get in touch with us right now by calling our St. Louis office at 314-356-8413 or by email. We learn your story and get going immediately. You do not pay for your consultation or representation because we work on a contingency basis. We will not take a fee without getting you results.