Having A Bike Is Not A Reason To Get Denied

In Missouri, every biker knows and accepts the risks of riding. That does not mean you should be at the mercy of insurance companies when hazards out of your control cause you injuries. It is simple. If you are in an accident and it was not your fault, you deserve compensation.

The Eason Law Firm takes the case of anyone injured in a motorcycle accident who is fighting to get what they deserve. We pursue your litigation as far as needed to get results.

How Can It Be Your Fault?

People like to say that everybody should "take responsibility" for what they do. That is fine as far as it goes, but it should go both ways. You cannot be responsible for getting healthy when the deck is stacked against you like it is for motorcycle riders. It is not your fault when:

  • Another driver does not check their mirrors or signal before changing lanes
  • The highway is ripped up and full of potholes, making dangerous conditions for bikes
  • The weather changes too fast and you are suddenly riding in the middle of a storm
  • The mechanic that last tuned up your bike made a mistake

These are dangerous issues for bikers that can cause painful, lasting injuries, and still insurers do everything they can to deny any injury claim. In other words, they try not to take responsibility. Attorney James Eason does not stand for any sort of dirty, unfair play. He has a long history as a fighter, and he will put you on even ground.

Punching Back With Equal Force

The wonderful thing about the law is that everybody is on equal footing. With us on your side, you have the advantage of knowing that, and there is no company or large law firm that can take that from you. Contact us right now for a free consultation with your lawyer at our St. Louis office by email or by calling 314-356-8413. You do not owe us anything because we get paid if we win for you.