Bad Dogs, Good Lawyer

When a dog is out of control and attacks you, your injuries can be uniquely dangerous. Dog bites can be catastrophic — especially for children — and are notoriously hard to treat. It is the responsibility of every animal owner to ensure that everyone is safe around their pets. If they do not take that basic step, they are liable for the injuries caused.

The Eason Law Firm wants you to know that we are there for you. When you have injuries, we will listen to your story. We will take action to make sure you get the compensation you deserve from the animal attacks you suffered. People across Missouri have seen the benefits of having us work for them.

It Is Not About The Dog

When you are bitten, you need to have representation who will:

  • Answer all your questions about what will happen
  • Walk you through all the steps of the litigation process
  • Take the fight directly to the insurance company

Your injury is about more than the bite, more than the injury. It is beyond the dog and the dog owner. You deserve compensation for the pain you suffer.

In the end you are not going to be fighting the dog's owner, but the insurance company behind them. Our firm makes a point of taking the fight over so you can focus on the rest of your life.

Fighting For You When You Need Us

When you contact us, we start right away. We take a hands-on approach to your case and prepare like it is going to be a fight, and most of the time it is. We are experienced in taking on the tough cases and will work hard to earn your trust and respect. Contact our St. Louis office to speak to an attorney by calling 314-356-8413 or through this email form.

We offer you a free consultation with a lawyer and will not take a fee unless we are successful for you.