What Causes ATV Accidents?

Since the '80s, over 11,000 people have died in ATV crashes across the country. There are no age restrictions on ATV operators in Missouri, and that means people too young to drive a car are behind the wheel of powerful, heavy machines and off-roading at high speeds with little regard for anything. This all adds up to a bad crash waiting to happen.

If an ATV crash injures you, you want a lawyer who will listen to you, work with you and demand compensation for your injuries. You will get that with The Eason Law Firm. We know that you have enough to deal with when it comes to your life, let us take the fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

What A Warrior Can Do For You After An ATV Accident

There might be any number of reasons you would not want to get in the ring after an injury from an ATV accident. The problem with that is if you do not stand up for yourself, you are going to get pushed over. You have every right to a settlement when injured by someone else's actions. We will make sure you get it by:

  • Meeting with you in a free consultation to learn about all the circumstances of your accident
  • Reviewing the scene, police reports, witnesses and all available evidence to build your case
  • Going to court to argue the basic facts of what you deserve, with passion and aggressiveness.

What you have to understand is when someone, especially a kid, hurts you accidentally, no one argues that you do not deserve payment, except for the insurance company that has to pay up. That is who the problem is and that is who we fight. We fight tooth and nail for your rightful payment, and you can trust we have your best interests at heart.

No Risks. Just Rewards.

After your free consultation with attorney James Eason, when we move forward with your case you do not have to pay anything because we work on a contingency basis. That means we only take a fee if we win for you. Get started as soon as you can by emailing us or calling 314-356-8413 to set up a meeting at our St. Louis office.