Getting Back Up

You get hurt one day. You get your claim filed the next day. The day after that, the insurance company denies you. It feels like a punch to the gut you cannot get back from, but that just is not true. You have options. You can get back up, and we will help you do it.

The Eason Law Firm does right by our clients all over Missouri. We listen to your problems, and we have your back when it comes time to go to court. When you get hurt because of someone else's negligence, you deserve compensation that covers you for all your troubles. We will strike hard and fast to do everything we can to get it for you.

Real Injuries Deserve Real Representation

We never lose sight of what is most important: helping you get back on your feet. Your injury and the pain you suffered is fuel to our fire. We will take your problems head-on in such cases as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Insurance companies are notorious for giving people the run on basic facts, and we hold them accountable.
  • Motorcycle crashes: If you ride a bike, you are vulnerable, but that does not mean you deserve to have your claims denied.
  • Dog bites: Dog owners should keep control of their pets, and if that is beyond them, we will hold them responsible
  • Defective products: When you buy something, it should be safe, it is just that simple. We are unafraid to take on manufacturers who fail at that one job.

Injured people across St. Louis do not always know what they deserve. Attorney James Eason has spent a career fighting back when people have counted him out. When you contact us, we take personal care of your case and outline what you deserve, and build a plan with the best possible chance to get it.

A Hands-On Approach

Our firm takes dedication to a whole new level. We will fight for you with everything we have to get you the best possible results. Contact us today through this email or by calling 314-356-8413. You will speak directly with your lawyer in a free consultation, and we take no fee from you because we work on a contingency basis.