Telling Your Creditors Off

Debt collectors play a rotten game with you every single day. They call and play guilt trips and threaten you with action over bills that you cannot pay. It is not right. You do not deserve it, and in some cases, it can be harassment. You want a lawyer who knows how to stop it, fast.

At The Eason Law Firm, we play hardball with harassing creditors. We go punch for punch with them to get them off your back. They use underhanded tactics to intimidate you. We use straightforward no-holds barred toughness to protect you. We practice in Illinois and Missouri, and while state laws on debt collection differ one thing remains the same, we fight back.

Bad Faith Bill Collection

Under Illinois law, there is a statute of limitations on bill collection. After a certain amount of time going unpaid, you cannot be forced to pay, but if you make any payment at all to it your debt is "reactivated." Debt collectors try to trick you by offering a deal to pay off a small amount, only to sue you for the full amount the moment you have paid it.

Debt collection agencies use these kinds of underhanded tactics to defraud and harass people. We treat them the way they deserve to be treated. We hit back fast, and we hit back hard to get you results.

A Life In The Fight

Attorney James Eason has fought in the ring as a Golden Gloves boxer, and in the courtroom for injured people. He leads our firm with toughness, and takes a personal interest in hitting back for our clients. You do not need the hassle from these liars. We can, and will, take the fight to them right now.

Stop The Harassment Now

Get in touch with us right away. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis. You will not have to pay us. The people we fight will be responsible for that. Contact our St. Louis office by email or calling 314-356-8413.